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Sunday, May 11, 2014

33 Durban, Rhino River Lodge Safari, Day 2

Up early today for our 6 am safari drive....This morning was more about quality over quantity.... We saw a lioness with 2 little cubs up close, and we found those three sleepy lions asleep on another section of the river bed... and they weren’t moving for anyone.... we waited but they didn’t even stir a smidge....  We came face to face with Ostriches and even found a rhino with her cub straying on the road... but much too fast for us to catch with our cameras.
Back at the lodge they were getting our breakfast ready of eggs, bacon, mushrooms, tomatoes and corn fritters. Everyone gathered in the dining room comparing what they saw that morning.
After that we sat and relaxed and caught up on some emails and even managed to up some photo’s  on the blog.
Just as the ship the food here is in abundance and delicious.  Chicken wraps for lunch and lovely little cream dessert to help re energize us for our afternoon safari....
Our mission tonight was to find Giraffe.  Close to camp we saw a couple of Inala’s having a bit of a tussle with one male on a bit of an ego trip. 
This was about when we got our first sighting of a giraffe in the distance with its head poking out of the tree tops, then another and another... but still just a little too far...  Now on a side note Kyle told us that when we spot anything  we say “Kyle, animals to the left or to the right”  but not to jump and down screaming “over there, over there”...... Well that was soon forgotten when I screamed out “Kyle ... look over there , over there” and I was madly pointing to Giraffe that was close and out in the open....  It was more exciting when we hopped out and there was a Journey of them coming up the hill.... So tall and so graceful.  We managed some  great photo’s.
Still on the euphoria of seeing them, we headed down the track to a young female Rhino being wooed by a very large male Rhino... Best of all they were so close to the road side it was amazing.... once again well spotted by who... oh yes Me!!
Word was getting around the parks  2 of 3 male lions were down by the river bed know they sleep a lot between feeds as the kills can be so energy draining... also their heads with those big manes are heavy to carry around.  Well there they were right infront of us really one of the best vantage spots.... There they laid and laid and laid.... hmm come on wake up!!  Slept on the sand like my Ally, our that cat sleeps on our lounge...  lolling around legs in the air, not a care in the world....  Now you can tell they are all from the same family, cats I mean. 
We waited long enough for them to rise... they yawned  and stretched, looked around... put their heads back down... yawned and stretched.... walked a little bit.... then pooed... then flopped back down .... We decided to give another truck load a go so we went off to find a spot for our evening Sundowner’s... but wait what is that ahead.... looked just like another Rhino to us, but Kyle got very excited to see that it actually was a rare black Rhino.... He has only seen one before, so how lucky were  we...  Though it was starting to get very dark by now and he was little hard to see, especially hidden in the long grass.
Wow we really where hitting the jackpot tonight, but to top it all off as we stood around with our drinks we could suddenly hear the lions roaring ...  we assumed that the three lions where calling each other so they could meet up again.
Tonight we had some yummy South African Braai..... which is their word for BBQ and it was absolutely yummy the flavours of my lamb where to die for.... and dessert was a lemon meringue, sort of.... it had no crust and the lemon was a really light creamy icecream with a soft meringue topping.... hmm so much for not eating as much as on the ship!!!

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