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Monday, May 19, 2014

44 Dover Take 2

This cruise is actually made up of two itineraries.   The first 7 days was an  around Norway cruise and now we are starting the Baltic sector.  As both cruises start out of Dover we found ourselves back here to fill in our day.  I decided it was time fill in those grey roots again so we were going to make a bee line for the hairdressers.
The previous night they gave us envelopes with transit cards to use when we disembark in the morning along with our passports.  Well we walked off with no problem... not even sure if there was an immigration set up... there was not one when we first embarked a week earlier.  The only thing on offer to get us into town were a few taxis or a shuttle to take us a few metres to the port gates.  It was then about a 30 min walk to get us where we wanted to go.  Whilst I had my colour Garry went in search of free wifi. 
When I finished we walked up to White Cliffs of Dover.  It was a long and gradual climb up to the top passing the castle that stands high on the hill behind us. First you reach the visitors centre, comes complete with toilets, cafe and of course souvenir shop.  We then walked further along the cliffs till we got to a point when we had to remember we had to walk back again.
On the way back we stopped at the visitors centre for a spot of afternoon tea which included fruit scones, jam and the most delicious cornish clotted cream. The walk back down was easier and we headed to the supermarket to pick up some wine and bottles of coke.
Getting the wine back on board was not a problem and no one question us at all.... We had about half an hour to kill before it was all  aboard for the muster, so we went back out into the terminal geared with the lap top to catch up with the emails
Sail away compared to last week was like chalk and cheese.  The seas were calm the sun shone and many us spent the next couple of hours in the sun sipping on our sail away cocktails.... well one anyway.
We have arranged to change over to traditional seating for dinner.  Already feels a lot better..... We get to sit upstairs with the grown ups..... lighting is so much better and we know the names of our waiters..... Joseph and Ari.....  We have organised our drink waiter so we are expecting our wine glasses and wine to be waiting for us at the table when we arrive.... so we are happy....

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