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Friday, May 16, 2014

41 Kristiansand .......the sunniest spot in all of Norway

Another pretty sail-in to this town.  Kristiansand is where the Norwegians go for their beach holidays. But today was just a bit chilly to consider dipping my toe in the water.   Once again the outskirts are dotted with red and yellow cottages. 

We were being serenaded as we pulled up to the pier which is always a very nice touch.  A gentleman played the guitar and the young girl sang with a beautiful voice or played the flute.

Geared with our map and suggested walking route, we headed off the ship. We started by walking along the waterfront pass the Fiskebrygga, a colourful area where the old buildings have been painted up and turned into the fish market and restaurants.

We then visited the Christiansholm Fortress built in 1672 on an elevation with it’s cannons facing the sea to protect the town from invaders.

As you move further around you come across Aquarama, Kristiansand’s indoor swimming pool, a necessity in the this climate I would have to say ... though just out front there is a  beach area called Bystranda.  Here you can lie on the sand or swim in either the sea water pool or out on the beach... 

We continued to loop around the water front until we got to the old town Posebyen.   Here are a series of timber white houses synonymous with what you would expect in Norway.  These houses lined the cobbled walkways joined together, just as you would find a series of terrace houses back home... no verandas or front gardens here, you just step straight out onto the roadway.  Although all the houses are painted white the doors are what add the splash of colour in either navy or red.  For a little more interest there may be a very small patch of garden or potted bloom by the front door.

In the main centre of town there is the Domkirken, typically a cathedral in a square surrounded by gardens.  The gardens are just starting to come into their own as the masses of colourful tulips are starting to bloom.

Also what we have found in many of these Norwegian towns is a wide pedestrian street that will run through the centre of town from one end to the other.  These are usually lined with many shops and cafes decorated to invite you in but too expensive to buy anything.

Just as we were starting to head back to the ship the temperature dropped and the clouds started coming in.  As the rain started we decided to splurge at one of the restaurants by the fish markets with a $10 cup of coffee....  Yes just a few hundred meters further along we could have all the coffee and cake we wanted on the ship, but we decided we wanted to experience a little of culture... cheaply.

Once back on board I decided on a nana nap especially as the weather looked pretty set in and did not indicated a good sail away.... but while I slept Garry said the clouds parted and the Ryndam sailed out under blue skies and for the first time the decks were packed.


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