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Sunday, March 30, 2014

12 We went to a wedding today.....

At our Chef’s table the other night we met a lovely couple from Colorado who had just celebrated their 50th Wedding Anniversary. As part of that special celebration they decided that they would renew their Vows during this cruise....  You all know that things happen faster on a cruise ship including the bonding of friends...  So by the end of our Chef’s table evening we were all invited to the upcoming nuptials. 

Now this is a package that Princess offers and our new friends, Angel and David were treated to a champagne breakfast, along with a massage each and a visit to the bridge.  The renewal took  place in the beautifully decorated library....  When all 12 guests turned up the captain commented “you have lots of friends” .... we heard that there were another 2 weddings that day .... Obviously not as well attended...

Angel glowed just like all brides do...  Princess gave her a lovely fresh bouquet of flowers and they both walked down the aisle together to the waiting captain Rickard, who performed a short and moving ceremony.  Lucky camboy was there and he recorded the event so now they can take it home to show the family.  Princess also had a photographer there for them.

We all then headed down to the Club Bar for a glass of champagne and another opportunity for us all to get to know each other better.


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