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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

2 And So it begins...

We decided to book a night in the city before our cruise, being a Sunday we could get one of the girls to drive us in as on the Monday everyone is working.  We booked into the Harbour Rocks Hotel which meant that we only had to roll our bags down the hill to get to the Passenger terminal where we were boarding the Ocean Princess...  But like all well laid plans a spanner was thrown in the works when Cyclone Lusi decided to head down towards the coastline of New Zealand.  The Ocean Princess’ captain decided that rather than visiting Tauranga they would hightail it out of Auckland and head straight to Sydney while the weather was still good..
For them it meant they could have 2 days in Sydney, for us it meant that we now had to board at White Bay.... I like White Bay as an embarkation port as it is so much more user friendly than the OPT.... but not if you are staying in the city within walking distance to the original port.
The Harbour Rocks is a nice little boutique hotel.  The rooms are cosy and if you are fortunate enough to be on the third floor you get to use their stairs for no extra cost... Only our luggage had the luxury of being taken up in an oversize dumb waiter. On saying that it was good exercise in using the stairs which we should be doing once we are on board.
That night we had a lovely get-together with some other passengers staying in Sydney from our hotel... We enjoyed drinks and dinner at the Hart pub meeting people who will become new friends over the next 51, or at least 20 days...

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