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Thursday, March 20, 2014

4. A day at Sea

Our first day at sea meant that we were having our first Meet and Greet for our Cruise Critic group on board....

There was a slight hiccup as we were scheduled to meet in the Tahitian Lounge at around the same time as trivia.  We were then transferred to meet in Sabatini’s restaurant.  It was great to put so many faces to names and we were even lucky enough to be visited by the Captain.

He only visited for a short time as he had to race off and probably get the formal jacket ready as tonight was the Captains Welcome party and first formal night.

We were very impressed with the Captains party as Captain Rickard stood at the entrance, shook hands and gave everyone a very personal welcome.  He then went on to make an informative and humorous speech which I would say put him up there with our favourite Captain Toddy!!

After that we headed to the dining room to meet our new table mates... well we waited and waited and waited.... and then we realised that we had become “THAT COUPLE” .... you know the ones you all point at and feel sorry for because they are sitting there at a table with friends...  It was not long until the Maitre D came over and moved us to a new table for the following night.


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