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Tuesday, March 18, 2014

3 Where's our boat gone!!

Up early on Monday morning we couldn’t help ourselves but to walk down to the OPT to check out where our ship should have been... We decided to take a walk up to observatory hill, a good vantage point where we could see our ship berthed at White Bay.
At 11am we checked out and taxied it over which was really quite painless; the only thing that stung was the extra $30 we had to pay to get there.  Once checked in we didn’t have to wait long at all until we were called to embark...
How can you go on a cruise without testing the system.... so yes we turn up with a case of wine... and yes just as our boarding pass says we are more than happy to pay the corkage for our excess bottles...  When the security scanning the box asked us if we had ginger ale would have said yes but stupidly we said “No, Wine” .... even after the second time she said it we still didn’t get the hint.. dah!!  Over comes head of security for Sydney ports, looks at me and says “what are you doing here“ .... Yay working at the OPT can work in your favour... told him we were going on holidays and said “yeah as long as we pay corkage we can take them on” ... he said “well you know better than me” and waved us through.....
Your first impression when you walk on the ship and you see the lift lobby you say “OMG she is tiny”  it is not long after that you then realise that all the places that count have the extra space.... and yes that is our cabin.... “yippee is she huge” .. well to our standard..  2,  yes 2 people can stand at the same time ....... actually there is that much space that I swear you can have a game of twister on the floor.  Each of us can walk around the side of the bed and yes you can walk into the bathroom without having to climb over someone if they are sitting at the desk... We have to cooee just to find each other....  Now the shower is another kettle of fish.... you have to stand side on just to fit and not to have the shower curtain cling to your whole body......hey who cares I can do cart wheels in the bedroom.
The whole ship is just quaint and charming and just can’t help but fall in love with her... There are lots of nooks and crannies where you can sit and relax, have coffee or a drink... I especially like the back deck that leads out from the buffet with tables and chairs where you can enjoy the view while you eat your meal.
Sail away was a little quiet as we didn’t leave till 8 pm and it was quite breezy up on deck... The night lights of Sydney are just stunning, made even more so with the Opera House sails glowing green to celebrate St Patricks day..

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