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Monday, April 21, 2014

A Room with a view...

Well it just goes to prove it is not what you know but who you know..... Our good friends Ron and Edie who we met on last years 90 dayer have cruise enough to know most of the cruise staff intimately...  That included the Hotel General Manager..... a whisper in an ear here , a little smile there and before we knew it we were carrying our clothes down the corridor to cabin no 7000...  Yes it is right at the very front ( thank god for our calm seas ) but our new balcony cabin has an 180 deg view out the front of the ship.... it is like having bridge cam without turning on the TV .... we love it.



  1. Following you both again, excellent info as usual. That certainly is a great upgrade, congrats.

  2. Joanne and Gary, I am so thrilled for you both. Having a balcony cabin is the icing on the cake. Enjoy the next couple of weeks whilst you are still on board. Jennie and Peter