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Sunday, June 15, 2014

60b England - Avebury or Stonehenge that is the question.

As our hosts live so close to Stonehenge it is no brainer that you should visit. They decided that first a visit to Avebury is a must.  It is a small village that also has the stones that Stonehenge have but here you can get up close and personal with them.  On the way we did stop to see some stepping stones across a creek that are thought to be some of the larger stones that have fallen over. Close to there we also saw these large man made mounds that there are thought to be neolithical mass graves underneath.

Once in the Avebury you walk through a meadow which is shared with the local sheep where you can see the stones placed in a much more open circle, it is actually the largest stone circle in all of Europe.  The village has been developed with a museum, a lovely park area that children can play and a Manor that is also open to the public. Whilst there we also saw what we presume to be Druids having a little ceremony of their own.

On the way back to Amesbury we stopped and saw some canal boats moored by pub... maybe for a spot of lunch.


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  1. Loving your blog, we just love Avebury, did you feel the stones humming, and the village pub just wonderful. In some ways better than stonehenge.