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Sunday, June 15, 2014

61 England - Stonehenge.

There was no way we would come this far and not visit Stonehenge so we asked Keith if they could drop us off at Stonehenge.

They have been doing a lot of work in this area.  They have now roped the area off and built a path around the stones and they have also moved the Customer Information centre about a kilometre away with the idea that it cannot been from the structure giving the visitor a real feeling of openness.... Well them along with the other hundreds of people there. 

When you arrive at the information centre you pay your fee to enter, then you can either walk or catch the shuttle train to the site.  Once there you walk around the path along with your audio guide to get an understanding of the area.

Garry and I both thought that keeping the people away from the stones is a good idea.  Now you can look at it without people trying to climb all over it and it is also great for taking photo’s ...  if you are careful enough you can angle it right so that you can avoid people in your photos altogether.

We really did enjoy our visit here.  Keith came back and picked us up and took us home the back way cause Stonehenge attracts a lot of traffic jams on the weekends!!


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