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Wednesday, June 25, 2014

69 England - The Cotswolds

For the next part of our trip we hired a car over night to take a drive around The Cotswold.  Garry had a rough plan he found on the internet, we stayed a night at Bath and then returned back to Amesbury.  The car had us worried after we picked it up and started to drive off... when we got to our first intersection we stopped to give way to the cars.  Then after a few sections we stalled... eeek what happened, we booked an automatic to avoid this...... then just Garry took his foot off the brake to restart the car... the car magically restarted all on its own... Ahhh Garry said.... this is one of those cars...  Well this fuel saving system really works as our diesel bill was very cheap for 2 days of driving.

Directing became a bit of a challenge.  Along with our trusty map we only managed a few wrong turns.... once you learnt where to look for the direction signs, especially on the roundabouts, finding our way became easier...


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