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Thursday, June 19, 2014

64 England - isn't that Portwenn not Port Isaac!

My only request when we drove to Cornwell was that we visit Port Isaac, a seaside village when the show Doc Martin is filmed.  If you think driving on the A roads in Cornwall is tight, wait till you hit the side roads that take into the villages. I am sure that there are some scrapped side mirrors around the place.  From where you park and as soon as you walk around the corner into the main part you recognise it immediately.  First you see the Doc’s house perched up on the hill, then you look just below you will see the Large’s restaurant.  As you walk down the hill you pass the School, the water front and the pharmacy.

Now as I mentioned our Cornwall trip was also a find the best pasty trip and as I am currently in Amsterdam writing this I can say that the best pasty was the first pasty I had in Port Isaac.


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