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Monday, June 16, 2014

62 England - Brighton

The next city we visited was Brighton.  The main purpose of this trip was to visit Lorraine and Keith’s Granddaughters Charlotte and Ellie. 

We went for a walk down around the waterfront walking past the Royal Pavilion where in the days of King George IV was a summer palace.  The outside has an amazing Indian theme where apparently the inside is decorated with an oriental theme.   Just next to the Pavilion (across the road) is the Palace Pier which is just one big amusement park.  You walk along the pier pass through many arcades where they have slot machines for the young and old.  At the end of the pier there are rides for kids and adults to enjoy.

We sat down on the beach front for some fish and chips, but as the weather was not quite conducive enough for anyone to go swimming on the pebbly beach.... not even for pom!

On the other side of the pavilion there are many lanes with quaint cafe’s and arty shops.

Before leaving for our drive back to Amesbury we stopped by the Brighton Marina for a quick dinner.



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